I Woof U

What started as a love story between a young designer and her little shih-tzu, has grown into the premiere lifestyle brand for pets and pet lovers. Let us take you on a journey of dreams, inspirations and true companionship that only a beloved pet and her owner could create by ‘spreading LOVE paw by paw’.

I Woof U

It is said, that the best things in life happen unexpectedly, and this time was no different. It all started with an amazing surprise and a gift from a friend. A small, timid shih-tzu was presented to Meryem on her doorstep. In a matter of seconds, this little baby girl stole her heart. It may sound cliché, but it truly was love at first sight! Meryem named her little angel, Moshi.

That year when the cold winter came, it was heart-breaking seeing her little angel shiver. Having a background in fashion and merchandising, Meryem decided to design a winter jacket for Moshi. That jacket was the beginning of things to come. Moshi looked warm, absolutely adorable and, most importantly, appeared happy in her new fashion statement.

Who would have guessed that Meryem’s biggest inspiration would come in such a small package of love. Moshi was not only the inspiration but also the face of the brand that Meryem started that day to build from scratch. She knew that this was going to be the start of a long and amorous journey for the both of them.

Today the brand, based in Los Angeles with production in Turkey, has grown into a global pioneer and leader in pet couture. With stores in 25 countries and thousands of ‘pawlicious’ family members, Moshiqa has been ranked as the number one luxury fashion brand for pets in Asia and number two in United States followed by Louis Vuitton, Moncler, Tiffany and Co. Many celebrities all over the world including Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, Miranda Kerr and Paris Hilton use Moshiqa products and share the Moshiqa experience with their pets.

Pet owners around the world understand the love their pet companions give unconditionally. It is this pure, innocent love that has fueled Meryem’s (and Moshi’s) brand since inception spreading their joy paw by paw.

When asked what ‘Moshiqa’ mean, Meryem can’t help but think of the deep love and affection she has towards all pets (and pet lovers) around her. Meryem says, “Their mere existence excites and motivates me to create and influence. Our pets are a part of our lives and, therefore, should be celebrated.”

So, whether it is a birthday, New Years, Valentine’s Day or simply Friday night, celebrate your pet and let’s MOSHIQA together.

Moshiqa, the Luxury Lifestyle brand for pets and pet lovers, offers a unique choice of luxury fashion wear and leather goods for your pet, including all the convenient accessories required while you’re out with your animal companions.