The Bloomer Team

So, who is Bloomer, and why are we doing this?

We are Anna and Monisha; and just like you, expats who have made Turkey home and want to thrive in our community. As the communication and the digital team behind Bloomer, we realize that you don’t need a magazine about life in Turkey but information about resources in Istanbul.

Therefore, we are creating a directory and guide for Istanbul so you can have information at your fingertips.

Monisha Kar

buzz ambassador

Among Monisha’s favourite cities in the world, Istanbul ranked at the top; through an unexpected turn of events, she relocated to Turkey to be closer to her husband’s family. Since then, she turned her attention to learning Turkish (Türkçesi iyi değil), and served as a board member for various international women's organisations in Istanbul.


Her other projects include knitting half-finished blankets, learning how to snap a decent photo, expanding her cooking repertoire beyond soup, cramming for 15Ks and making sure she doesn’t scar her kids for life. It has been a fun ride so far!


Betty & Bob

codependence managers

Often referred as the "wonder twins", Betty & Bob have quickly become a valued member of the Bloomer team. Although the assistants have essentially failed at mastering the art of making a proper cup of coffee; Betty & Bob have proven to be invaluable as a sounding board for content ideas, marketing strategies and technology concepts.


In addition to their extensive duties as executive assistants, they also remind us to not take life too seriously and that it is okay to take a long walk and enjoy an occasional glass of wine.

Anna Ilhan

unicorn wrangler

Anna jokingly refers to herself as the ‘happy hermit’ and states that she is ‘happiest in the company of her laptop’. Although she may like to state these notions about herself, Anna’s professional background includes technical sales and marketing.


An expat since 2012, Anna has made Turkey her home and enjoys sharing humorous stories about her life's mishaps here. She is a self-proclaimed plant pusher and loves to experiment with plant-based creations in the kitchen like a mad scientist.

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