Bloomer Magazine

Hi! We are Bloomer Zine. As expats who have lived in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, we were always looking for information and stories in English. As a result, we recently launched an English-language lifestyle magazine for the international community in Turkey, called Bloomer Magazine.


We want this to be a platform that shares stories; spotlights creativity; and provides interesting, fun insight into our lives in Turkey. We believe our magazine is a great opportunity to bridge the different international communities around the country.


The content for each issue of Bloomer Magazine is curated around a theme. Our magazine is accessed through an app available for download at the Apple App Store and Google Play for free.

We hope you enjoy the magazine and the free content on our app. If you have an idea and are interested in contributing, please contact us. We would like to chat.


Social Media Issue

July/August 2020

Love, hate, real or fake...our life with social media

Issue Highlights
  • Through the breadcrumbs we leave, the internet made us more myopic and tribal – often with devastating consequences. Why is that and can we stop it?

  • Our children's milestones included first words, first steps, and now learning how to swipe smartphone screens. Kids and screen time is truly 'man vs electronics'.

  • Meet a travel influencer who is a serial entrepreneur with a talent for photography, a passion for adventure, and a vision to create new experiences for his followers.


Food Issue

May/June 2020

From nutrients to culture, food is our common thread

Issue Highlights
  • Sheltering in place means spending a lot of time thinking about food. We share practical information about food during these unprecedented times.

  • Food and culture go hand in hand; and the Turkish cuisine has a rich history. We take a glimpse at the origins of some of today’s specialties.

  • Idioms are part of our everyday language. Get a humorous look at some of the colourful idioms involving food in the Turkish language.

March-April-2020_art issue.jpg

Art Issue

March/April 2020

Where silences screams and stillness moves, such reality is art

Issue Highlights
  • Get a glimpse into the lives and minds of the talented Turkish artist across the various disciplines as they share their vision with us.

  • We pay tribute to some of the pioneering women that helped shape Turkish modern art. Their stories are fascinating and a joy to share.

  • While the artist has the creativity to express themselves, it is the public that allows an artist to live. Learn more of what it takes to deliver artwork to the public.


Wellness Issue

January/February 2020

Let's Explore the eight dimensions of wellness together

Issue Highlights
  • Understand the choices we have to take care of our body, mind and soul in the context of our ecosystem.

  • Thanks to the innovation in modern medicine, women have more options than ever to help overcome genealogical health issues.

  • The role and responsibilities of a woman in business can very according to the geography in which she was born; however, you can change these circumstances.


Celebration Issue

November/December 2019

We are celebrating the launch of Bloomer Magazine

by exploring various celebrations around the world

Issue Highlights
  • We take a look into some of the global celebrations that our various international communities carry with them from their homelands and share with us.

  • Food and celebration have a wonderful and important connection in our lives. We explore some of the holiday tables that illustrate this relationship.

  • Over the years, people have used myths and legends to explain everyday life. Take a look at the Levantine folklore to explain the phases of winter.