Welcome to Bloomer

As foreigners who have lived all over Turkey and decided to make Istanbul our home, we’ve always looked for reliable and current information in English to help us streamline day-to-day living. We’re passionate about making things easier for our community and saw an opportunity.

The idea behind Bloomer is that it is a fun, accessible, and portable guide to share life hacks. We talk to local experts who share their tips to help save you time, money, and effort so that you can focus more on the things that matter to you. Think of us as a community of trusted girlfriends helping you discover insider information and giving you the support you need to navigate the city like a pro.

We are always adding new content here and on our Instagram feed, so visit often and if there is something you want to read about, get in touch with us!

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Bloomer Magazine is now available through a PWA (Progressive Web App).


We know…what the heck is a Progressive Web App?

A progressive web app (PWA) provides an app-like experience through your mobile phone’s browser with the same convenience and flexibility of a native application that you would download from Apple App Store or Google Play.